Asset Recovery Servicess1

Our  parent   company, Green  World  Recycling,  provides  a  multitude   of
options  for  recovering  the  remaining  value  from  your    decommissioned
computer equipment.

Whether  through buying  it from  you outright to  be refurbished  and resold,
consignment  sales,  donating  it to education, or  simply  disposing of it in an environmentally-responsible manner, GWR can facilitate any situation.


Equipment Recycling

Overflowing landfills, the dumping of potentially toxic waste and contaminated
land are problems that threaten to spill over in modern society.

GWR is  dedicated  to preserving  our plane t by providing  advanced e-Waste
recycling  systems  to  meet  your  goals. Our E-Waste Recycling Systems will
process obsolete equipment and components, manage hazardous materials and
turn your waste into a reusable commodity and a profit.


Data Destruction

When you  get  rid  of your old  computer, you'll need to permanently wipe the
information on your hard drive.Simply clearing the drive by traditional methods
deleting files or even formatting  the drive isn't enough; these files can be easily
recovered by anyone skilled at data recovery.




Government Contract

Green  World  Recycling  has a  federal  government  contract for classified data
destruction. Government customers  can use GSA Contract  to  order destruction
services for both  on-site and off-site  physical destruction of hard drives, backup
tapes, CD/DVDs, Blackberries/PDAs and more.

Corporate  customers can  call  us  for  information  about  our  data  destruction
services. We provide  all of  our  customers with  Certificate  of  Destruction and
offer all our customers full indemnity for their data and electronic equipment. 


Equipment Auditing

Every computer leasing contract requires that the equipment be audited examined
for  information about its system  configuration, processes, capabilities, and value.
This is  how leasing companies  determine the  remaining value  of the equipment,
and how we determine what your computer is worth to you, whetherwe can sell it,
refurbish it, or recycle it.